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Senior Midwife, Tongue-Tie Practitioner and Lactation Counsellor

Expert Care for Every Stage of Your Journey


Clover Delaney RM PGDip

I specialise in Tongue-Tie assessment and division. I have a post-graduate diploma in Tongue-Tie management and work in an NHS Tongue-Tie clinic.  As a trained tongue-tie professional I can provide assessment, diagnosis and tongue-tie division, together with feeding support and advice including; keeping up milk supply, aftercare, exercises to prevent re-attachment and follow-up care.

I also offer coaching and wellbeing appointments throughout your pregnancy from conception to bringing home baby. These sessions will help you navigate and understand your NHS care, which can sometimes seem rushed and confusing. The sessions will also prepare you realistically for the birth of your baby.

I will coach you through planning for your birth, looking after and feeding your new born and I provide wellbeing checks, which include, checking your blood pressure, feeling your abdomen to find out the position of the baby and listening to your baby’s heartbeat.

I am a practicing midwife and mother of four, who has delivered over 300 babies.

I provide one to one sessions and group support. 

My services are unique. Sessions can be paid for by the hour.

There is no requirement to commit to any number of sessions. 

I can provide you with support as early into your pregnancy as you wish. I recognise that partners and family need support too and are welcome to join sessions or book birth supporter sessions. 

I am registered with and regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the CQC. I am a member of The Royal College of Midwives, The Royal College of Nursing and The Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners. 

if you'd like to know more, or just want a chat so I can introduce myself properly, please use the contact link below. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Clover came to assess my new born for tongue tie. She was amazing. She did the procedure on the same day. It was not painful for my daughter. I would 100% recommend as my baby is now feeding so much better. Thanks clover for your super efficient service!


Clover was my midwife for my third child and was, by far, the best midwife I’ve met.  She is knowledgeable, caring, calm and supportive.  I felt safe and trusted her completely. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I contacted Clover the day after we got home from hospital, anxious to get our baby girl’s tongue tie rectified as soon as possible as breastfeeding was too painful to continue. By chance, she was able to see us the same day, and not only divided the tongue tie but offered lots coaching to build my confidence and get me back on track with feeding. Calming, encouraging and supremely knowledgeable - I can’t recommend Clover highly enough!

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