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Tongue-Tie Assesment and Procedure
Home Visit

Tongue-tie assessment


Not all babies with tongue-tie will require frenulotomy (a procedure to divide the frenulum). During my assessment I will obtain a full feeding history and assessment of tongue function and will only recommend frenulotomy if it is evident that this is the cause of the feeding problems.

The Procedure


If it is evident that this procedure will aid breastfeeding for you and your baby this can be carried out following the assessment, it is a quick procedure dividing the restricted frenulum with sterile scissors, this will take 1-2 seconds. The procedure is carried out without the use of anaesthetic as it is imperative that baby feeds directly after the procedure to minimise any bleeding. Research has shown that this procedure is relatively painless due to the lack of nerve supply to the area. Following the procedure, I will support you to breastfeed and ensure correct positioning and attachment of baby. 


Whilst this is a simple procedure there can be associated risks such as; excessive bleeding, risk of infection and re-attachment of frenulum following the procedure, these complications are rare but I will discuss them in more detail at your assessment.

Your baby will be fed immediately after the procedure so please make sure that your baby has not been fed for approximately two hours prior to the appointment. 

Please inform me if your baby has not had the vitamin k injection (this is usually given shortly after the birth), if there is a history of any bleeding disorders within the family and if there was any concerns by the midwife performing the heel prick test on baby at the day 5 check such as excessive blood loss etc, as this may have implications for the procedure.

Cost of assessment and procedure


*£300 – This is the cost even if the procedure is not deemed necessary as the assessment is

             the lengthy part of the appointment and a breastfeeding consultation will be provided.


£150 – Should you wish to have a follow up appointment for further support with breastfeeding at home.

*Payment can be made online while booking the appointment or upon receipt of our invoice following the appointment.

Home Visit Before Baby Is Born

One Hour Labour and Birth Planning

It is good to be prepared. I will come to your home for a bespoke birth planning session. Latent phase of labour in your home. What to take to the hospital. What you would like to happen/not to happen during labour, birth and the postnatal period. What to prepare and have ready for when you get home.

Support and reassurance.

New baby in gray knit hat
Home Visit After Baby Is Born

Birth debrief: to understand your birth and ask any questions you might not have thought to ask at the time. A feeding assessment, good positioning and attaching is important for successful feeding. After care advice to help you recover physically and mentally.

Tongue tie assessment and advice.

Support and reassurance. Practical help.  

Can be 1 or 2 hours.

2 hours recommended for the first birth debrief visit.

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