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Postnatal Package

I can offer caring support as you and your baby learn together empowering you to be a confident instinctive parent.

As a new parent, it can be daunting caring for a newborn and their ever-changing needs. This, along with tiredness and hormonal changes can induce anxiety. The provision of NHS care in the postnatal period has been reduced and some families require alongside support.

I offer postnatal drop in group sessions, classes and home visits where I can  support you with issues including:-

Understanding your birth experience

Feeding support, mastitis and paediatric oral thrush

Sleep advice

Baby safety

Bathing, changing and dressing

Room temperature and baby layers


Understanding your baby’s cry

Colic and wind 

Wound care advice

Body changes in the postnatal period

Umbilical cord care advice 

When to seek medical help

Baby blues

Postnatal depression

Tongue tie assessment

Recommended care package 4,3,2,1. 

4 visits in the first week 

3 visits in the second week

2 visits in the third week 

1 visit in the fourth week.


Or a bespoke package to work around your individual needs. 

2 hour session recommended for first visit for birth debrief.

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