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"Maximising Your Birth Experience: The Importance of Birth Planning"

Pregnant mum birth planning.
Birth planning for a fulfilling and empowered birth experience.

A realistic birth plan is essential if you want to have a fulfilling and empowering birth experience.  More now than ever before, women are reporting feeling traumatised after childbirth due to a lack of realistic preparation.


You may have heard people saying….


“The best birth plan is no birth plan!”


“Make a birth plan and then rip it up as soon as your contractions start!”


It is true that things are unlikely to go how you expect them to on the day. However, planning to be flexible and calm during your birth allows you to maintain an element of control during the event. If you are fully informed and feeling confident you will be able to relax and make informed decisions as they arise.


The secret to giving birth is within yourself. You can do this, and you will do this. It is how you approach it that will make the difference to your experience.


It is possible to have a fulfilling and empowering birth experience in all situations. You just have to know what to expect and be prepared.


It is a glorious balance between a natural primordial event and the wonders of modern medicine.


Birth providers in the UK are dedicated to making the experience as natural as possible and should consider your preferences every step of the way.






•               How are you going to cope if things don’t go according to plan?


•               How do you feel when you cannot control things?


•               What comforts you and allows you to tap into your inner strength?


•               What will drive you on when it feels tough?


•               How will you cope with the pain?


•               Are you able to go deep within?


•               Can you be kind to yourself if you change your mind?


•               What are you scared about?


•               What are you hoping for?



Relax and trust that you can do it. Whatever that looks like for you.

Be realistic.

Trust your instincts

Allow your plans to change.

There is no right or wrong way to experience birth.



Consider what is your main goal for this birth experience and what inner qualities are you going to use to get there?

As an experienced Midwife and mother of four, I’ve noticed on many occasions how a good, realistic birth plan can make a positive difference to the experience of childbirth.

Mother enjoying her new born baby.




Join me in my online birth planning class where I’ll be guiding and helping you to feel empowered every step of the way including during:-


·      Early Labour

·      Labour

·      Birth

·      Induction of Labour

·      Pain Relief

·      Common Complications

·      After the Birth

·      Bringing Home Baby


You'll receive my free Birth Planning Guide and by the end of the session you will be feeling calm, strong and confident,  ready to take on childbirth and much, much more.



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