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Antenatal Groups & Tailored Classes

One to two hour weekly group meetings offering a relaxed, social and interactive approach to antenatal learning. Bringing like-minded parents together, in a friendly environment. The first hour will be a focused discussion covering specific subject matters outlined below.

The second hour will be an informal social group and will give you the opportunity to mix with and chat to people in your unique stage in life. 

pregnancy and the transition to becoming parents. 

Common complaints

When to be concerned

Common myths

Pelvic floor

Worries and fears, things to look out for

Preparing for the birth – colostrum harvesting, perineal preparation

How to get labour started naturally

The latent phase, how to cope and when to go to hospital

Where does birth partner fit in

Relaxation tips for sleeping

Transition to parenthood

Gadgets and their uses


Labour ​

Birth centre and labour room ​

With or without epiduaral​

Where does birth partner fit in

What happens immediately after the birth

Baby - Golden hour, feeding, vitamin K

Mum – perineum, stitches, bleeding

Relaxation and oxytocin

Pain relief in labour, induction, instrumental birth and caesarean section

Being mentally prepared

Having a good birth experience in any situation

Induction of labour

Instrumental deliveries

Caesarean section

Relaxation and breathing

The role of the modern father

Going it alone

When you go home

Caring for your baby

Safe sleeping

When to worry​

Caring for Mum


Wound care

Pelvic floor​

Understanding your birth experience

Baby blues and postnatal depression

Family and friends

Where does birth partner fit in.

The role of the modern father

Mindfulness and relaxation 

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